Phoenix Clubhouse’s Supported Education program assists members in realizing their aspirations, pursuing adult education , and obtaining a more abundant life in the community The Clerical Unit manages the Education Room and oversees the Supported Education Program.

Supported Education Service

In 2003, the Education Committee was established. It is responsible for coordinating and promoting supported education at the Clubhouse.

In 2003, the Clubhouse founded a Supported Education Fund sponsored by Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse. The fund is administered by the Education Committee with regular review to accommodate the changing needs of members. Each member can apply for a maximum of $500 per year for sponsoring course fees.

An education lunch is held bi-monthly. The topics of the education lunch are discussed and decided on in the Education Committee meeting. One example of education lunch is a celebration of employment and education to recognize the members’ effort in work and education in the community.

The Clubhouse provides tuition service, matching members with appropriate tutors. In the Tuition Scheme, members and staff can share with other members their experience on studies and skills. We also recruit student volunteers to be the tutor.

The Clubhouse regularly holds Putonghua classes, Summer English classes, English revision classes and computer classes. Members’ communication skills are enhanced, which is helpful for employment.

An Educational Needs Survey is conducted yearly to understand the education needs of members.