Our Events

The members and staff decide on the upcoming months calendar together to make sure we are offering something for everyone. We offer a full and varied social program to our member and community.


Due to mental illness, members do not usually have a regular work history when they come to Phoenix Clubhouse. Work, however, is an important factor in transitioning them back into a normal life pattern.


A partnership between the Clubhouse International and Phoenix Clubhouse allow us to provide Clubhouse Trainings for Chinese speaking working groups. 


Phoenix Clubhouse’s Supported Education program assists members in realizing their aspirations, pursuing adult education , and obtaining a more abundant life in the community.

Work Ordered Day

Different tasks in work units of our strong work-ordered day, members could gain self-worth, purpose, and confidence, thus reassuring them of society’s acceptance.

Social Recreation

The clubhouse provides a variety of activities such as table-tennis, badminton, movie watching, computer classes, hiking, day-camp, day trips to places like Ocean Park , birthday parties etc. There are also festival celebrations.