Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse

The role of the Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse (“the Group”) is to provide advice and assistance to the Clubhouse program. The Group has no direct control over the operations of the Clubhouse program. 

Members of Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse (2020-2021):

Chairperson : Mr. Danny Luk
Vice-Chairperson : Ms. Shirley Mok
Secretary : Mr. Joseph Kwok

Members :
Ms. Anita Chan
Dr. Phyllis Chan
Ms. Mary Chu
Dr. Eileena Chui
Mr. Peter Chung
Ms. Vivian Hung
Mr. Chris Kam
Ms. Stella Poon
Dr. Michael Wong
Ms. Mimi Wong
Ms. Shirley Wong

General Purpose

The Group shall be responsible for helping to cultivate broad-based community support for Phoenix Clubhouse's mission in rehabilitation by providing assistance in such areas as:

Job Development



Community Awareness


To provide members with more and better opportunities to further their possibilities of returning to the community.

To continue steering PC into a role model in Asia Pacific. 

Our functions:

To recommend long, medium and short term planning objectives to the Phoenix Clubhouse.

To promote Phoenix Clubhouse and the clubhouse concept to the greater China region

To participate in and support various functions of the Phoenix Clubhouse, for example, Asian Clubhouse Conference 2004, various seminars and talks.

To provide expertise in areas other than medical or para-medical skills, for example, marketing, public relations.

To find tangible contributions to the Clubhouse, for example, transitional employment placements, funding.

To cooperate with and advocate PC in the community.

To recruit new members for the Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse

Activities so far:

 Anniversary Celebrations

Tri-monthly meeting of Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse

Meeting with ICCD board members

Hilton Humanitarian Foundation meeting

Open House cum Employers' Reception

Presentation in conferences or seminars e.g. Asian Clubhouse Conference Hong Kong 2004

Volunteer Appreciation Day

Transitional Employment Visit

Publication of 'Journey to a New Life'

Publication of 'Image & Vision'

Publication of 'Journey of Our Hearts, Phoenix Clubhouse 20 years'