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Phoenix Clubhouse, established in 1998, is a community adult psychiatric rehabilitation service under the Queen Mary Hospital. Phoenix Clubhouse is the first Clubhouse that has been accredited and recognized by the Center Clubhouse International in providing world-class rehabilitation services to people with mental disorders in Hong Kong.

The Clubhouse Model, originated in the United States, has more than a 70-year history of success. There are currently over 300 clubhouses in more than 30 countries, and about 75% of them are accredited by Clubhouse International.

Phoenix Clubhouse is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and China. It would become the role model for local and overseas Chinese communities that provide this kind of services. 

Since 2005, we have been offering training program “Orientation on the Clubhouse Model", to people in Chinese speaking communities interested in setting up a clubhouse of this nature. Starting from 2017, we further started offering “Comprehensive Clubhouse Training Program”, with the vision of promoting Clubhouse Model in a more comprehensive and thorough way. 


In the Clubhouse Model, people recovering from mental illness are life-long voluntary members of the clubhouse. They work side by side with staff in governing and operating the clubhouse. Members are free to choose tasks they want to be involved in and their choices are respected. Working in the clubhouse not only gives members a chance to develop job skills, but also an opportunity to perform real work that is valued by fellow members and staff. Thus, the clubhouse becomes a place where they can, through their own strengths and abilities, be made to feel needed. At the same time, they also learn to live up to certain expectations every day.

Administration Unit 

Mainly responsible for administration, management, employment services, and research projects.

Clerical Unit

Mimics the setting of a modern office in order to give members relevant experience. Supported education is also a major concern of this unit.

Environmental Protection and Tuck Shop Unit

Mainly responsible for selling snacks, horticulture, producing recycled products, coordinating leisure and wholesome activities.

Food Services Unit

The Food Services Unit is run by both members and staff of Phoenix Clubhouse. It is responsible for providing breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea on weekdays and only lunch on Saturdays.