Work Ordered Day

Phoenix Clubhouse currently has 150 active members with an average daily attendance of 54.4. By performing tasks in different work units of our strong work-ordered day, members could gain self-worth, purpose, and confidence, thus reassuring them of society’s acceptance. Supported education allows members to further their education. Transitional employment, supported employment and independent employment enable members to re-integrate into the job market. Evening, weekend and holiday activities provide members with entertainment and relaxation. 

Administration Unit

The main duties of this unit are administration and management, employment services, and research projects.

Clerical Unit

The Clerical Unit is the most modern and efficient unit in the clubhouse. It has a wide variety of tasks that helps cultivate interest in, while at the same time, gives diverse learning opportunities to our members.

Environmental and Tuck Shop Unit

The Environmental Protection and Tuck Shop Unit is mainly responsible for selling snacks, growing plants, producing recycled products, and the management of leisure activities.

Food Services Unit

The Food Services Unit is run by both members and staff of Phoenix Clubhouse. It is responsible for providing breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea on weekdays and only lunch on Saturdays.